Virtual reality (VR) headsets (namely the Oculus Rift and PlayStation Morpheus) are now at the stage of development where content creators are beginning to come out of the woodwork with a number of projects.

Archaic is one such project that's recently started a Kickstarter campaign – but will only add Oculus Rift support if a US $50,000 stretch goal is reached. If funding does go ahead, however, it's likely to be one of the most exciting VR games in the near future.

What is it?

Archaic, according to the Kickstarter page, is an multiplayer open world survival game. Set on an island inhabited by dinosaurs, players are required to use strategy and skill to survive. Like other games of recent years such as StarForge and Minecraft, Archaic has a heavy focus on building structures and crafting.

The developers appear to have laid much of the groundwork for the title to succeed, such as animations for dinosaurs and characters, as well as basic tools and effects. Other focuses include artificial intelligence, a choice of either single player or multiplayer and a number of in-game enemies.

It's easy to see by looking at the project how exciting a VR version could be, although a substantial $50,000 is required to ensure this goes ahead. Other stretch goals include further species of dinosaur, additional polish and even further full time developers working on this project.

The developers have stated February 2015 as a targeted release date. Of course, this is dependant on guaranteed funding and a relatively issue-free development over the remainder of this year.

As Oculus edge closer to a consumer headset release sometime in the near future, there's no doubt a number of new games will be revealed. The question is, which of these will eventually make it to release?

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