5. ChivalryTournament


History Games

The Society for Creative Anachronism in Berkeley, California has been attributed to founding creative historygames, which involve historical re-enactments.

As a living history group, the California society focused on recreating Medieval European cultural events which occurred prior to the 17th century.


3D Through the Ages can be found in the September Edition of Simpublica Magazine.



Dungeons & Dragons

TSR released the first commercially available RPG, Dungeons & Dragons that deviated from traditional war gaming by assigning each player a specific character which embarks on an imaginary adventure in a fantasy setting.

Competitors that tried to cash in on this insanely popular game included Tunnels and Trolls, with other early semi-successes including Traveller, RuneQuest and Chivalry & Sorcery.


7. JamesBond


Spy-Fiction Games

Role-playing games based on characteristics and skill systems boomed in the 1980s, with the James Bond franchise entering the industry by releasing a spy-fiction role-playing game, James Bond 007: Role-Playing in Her   Majesty’s Secret Service in partnership with Victory Games.

Sadly, no deadly gadgets were included in the playing pack.


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