The Oculus Rift is still in the midst of heavy development, both in terms of hardware and software, with consumer release now predicted for some time in 2015.

This lack of a consumer product hasn't stopped developers from making full use of the developer kits, and as such there's now a substantial amount of content for users to try on the Oculus VR Share portal. This 'app store' functions similarly to those seen on Apple and Android devices, acting as a hub for developers to share various projects.

Thanks to a rating system, users can now download the most popular pre-release VR games and digital projects for the Oculus Rift.

This article will explore five of the top Oculus VR Share experiences.

Vanguard V

A mix of 'flight and adventure', Vanguard V is a new game hat mixes music, story and a new take on VR design. Players take on the role of Qu, who fights with an AI companion to destroy a parasitic enemy. Players fly through a low orbit, entering the atmosphere and exploring the surface of the ocean, all the while locking on to enemies with a VR targeting system

Vanguard V is also on Kickstarter, and the developer is working towards a larger release.

Uncharted Territory

Unlike Vanguard V, Uncharted Territory focuses on atmosphere and immersion, while still retaining a science-fiction theme. The perspective is based inside a space suit, with players exploring a mysterious hazy world. What's more, the controls are relatively straight forward, and a large focus has also been placed on sound design.

There's currently no stated plans to create a larger experience than what's available on the store, but this kind of immersive experience could prove to be popular among more casual VR users.

Lunar Flight

There isn't a large number of complete Rift games, but the ones available on the Share portal are already quite fleshed out. Lunar Flight falls into this category, and is a simulation game that offers a substantial amount of content. Players take on the role of a pilot flying various missions in a lunar lander.

The developer has created an immersive cockpit and control system designed to transport players to the surface of the Moon.

Ambient Flight

Similar to Unchartered Territory, Ambient Flight is a more relaxing experience, intended less as a game and more as a demonstration of what's possible within the Oculus Rift. The demo involves soaring through the skies over detailed aerial imagery mapped onto realistic elevation data.

Users play either with traditional controllers, or using what's called 'Look Flight', in which the movement of the character is controlled by looking around with the headset.

It's a certainty that many VR experiences will emerge over the next few months as more developers get their hands on the Oculus Rift development kits.

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