While virtual reality (VR) and simulation technologies would seem to users to a chair, technology developer Metaio believes that with the right tools we’ll be able to move around within our virtual worlds.

“Virtual and 360 experiences need true immersion,” Metaio CTO Peter Meier told Directions Magazine.

As part of this goal, the company has developed what they’re calling a ‘6D Augmented Reality Holodeck’, which means developers will be able to anchor virtual environments to the location of a device.

Using a set of complex algorithms, the technology works with the motion sensors and accelerometers built into the device to create physical depth within virtual worlds.

“If you’re in a virtual environment, you should be able to move around as if it were the real world; that’s what we want to enable with our 6D technology – we want to enable the Holodeck.”

The Metaio developers clearly understand the role VR can play in not just entertainment, but education and work as well. Often, giving a new perspective on a traditionally dull subject can make it far more engaging.

“Imagine walking around covalent bonds in real-time,” Metaio marketing director Trak Lord told VentureBeat.

“I’d have paid a lot more attention in chemistry.”

The technology is currently available as part of the free software development kit offered by the company, which supports a range of operating systems such as Android and Windows.

Metaio is a company with a heavy focus on augmented and virtual reality, offering a suite of products for use by businesses. In addition, the company is continuously focused on future developments.

Another technology called Metaio Thermal Touch is also being created which essentially turns the world in a touch screen by combining thermal imaging and augmented reality.

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