As the world appears to be racing toward a virtual reality future, game and content developers are looking beyond the current formats and perspectives to offer entirely new experiences. One of the these developers wants to ensure a future for classic board games with Tabletop Simulator.

Exactly what it sounds like, Tabletop Simulator is designed to replicate many of the classic board games in a digital space, specifically virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality. The recently funded Kickstarter campaign plans to include full support for these new technologies.

Tabletop Simulator includes Chess, Checkers, Dice, Poker and Solitaire, rendered in 3D on a virtual table in front of players. Users can then play these games over the internet, behaving exactly as they would in real life – even throwing objects around the game board using the mouse.

“Just being able to pick up dice and roll like you can in Tabletop Simulator, is part of what makes a tabletop game a tabletop,” a description on the Kickstarter page reads.

These players can also talk to each other at the same table, using the in-game chat. There’s even support for up to eight simultaneous players, making virtual board game nights a reality.

The game is being developed by Berserk Games, an indie studio with a history of mod development for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a game based on combat in the middle ages.

This game, while unassuming, serves to showcase the power of VR as a tool to breathe life into older experiences. While online board games have existed for some time, the ability to play online and within a virtual reality environment make the prospect far more exciting.

In addition, the game could serve to introduce younger generations, who are used to digital experiences, to traditional board games.

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