The Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2) is now shipping, with the first units leaving the factory in China to make their way to distribution centres around the world. This represents a significant achievement, both for the company and founder Palmer Luckey.

This was announced in an official post from the Community Manager of the company.

In the space of two years, the Oculus Rift has gone from a virtual reality headset cobbled together from various off-the-shelf components to something that is leading the industry space, and includes a substantial amount of technology.

The new version of the headset includes a higher resolution, better positional camera, no external power supply and sleeker design. The headset is certainly moving toward a consumer release, in both function and design.

With over 45,000 pre orders of the DK2 alone, it would appear that there’s no limit to the promise of this project. While many of that 45,000 will indeed be consumers, a considerable number will be developers eager to begin creating the next generation of content.

Currently, developers can post content to the Oculus VR Share, a website dedicated to hosting the experiences created by early adopters of the headset. Already there’s a substantial amount of hardware and software available, content which offers a number of new experiences for players.

For example, Live for Speed S2 is a realistic racing simulator designed for the Rift, while Lunar Flight lets players hop around the moon in a lunar lander. Some experiences, like Lunar Flight, are highly polished, and are built off already-released games.

By the time the consumer version of the headset becomes available, a wealth of content will likely be available for users to explore.

The company has promised further updates over the next few weeks as the headsets are rolled out.

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