There’s no shortage of augmented reality (AR) projects currently in development, whether actual physical hardware to view digital worlds or interactive games and experiences.

French game maker and marketing firm Peoleo have recently launched a game called Drakerz-Confrontation, which uses both physical playing cards and a PC with a webcam.

What is Drakerz-Confrontation?

Peoleo claims Drakerz-Confrontation is the first tactical card game that uses both augmented and physical reality on PC, where players can ‘get the best of both worlds’ by playing with real, collectable playing cards and digital overlays to add another layer of immersion.

The game was placed on Kickstarter earlier this year, but failed to reach the goal. The company has since chalked this up to inexperience with the platform. Undeterred, development continued, and now the game is available to purchase online via digital retailer Steam.

Trading cards, however, need to be purchased from the website.

How does it work?

Firstly, players are required to obtain a pack of cards, each coming in different quantities. Then, they link with an opponent though the game via webcam, which reads the cards laid out on the table. On the screen, players see the cards, and digital images of the characters represented above.

The game only uses the computer as an augmenting experience, however, and players can simply enjoy the game with just the cards.

While this is one of the first augmented reality trading card games, other companies have created augmented reality experiences using cards in the past.

When Sony launched the Vita handheld console in 2011, a small card game was included which let players enjoy an AR soccer match on a table top.

Mini golf and tank games are also available on the PlayStation Store. With growth of AR devices such as Google Glass, a number of exciting new AR games will be seen in the near future.

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