VHS to DVD, DVD to Blu-Ray, these format jumps have always opened the door for new content experiences, especially when it comes to interaction. Now looking ahead to virtual reality (VR), how will our content change?

When DVD was first established, viewers gained a substantial increase in visual fidelity and sound quality. In addition, special features could be included on the disc, along with commentary tracks.

Likewise, the jump to Blu-Ray brought a similar quality increase, along with the option to interact directly with a video while it was playing.

These could be anything from laying over a commentary track or hosting specialised Q&As with the director.

Now, with VR headsets rushing through the development pipeline, it’s going to be interesting to see how (yet again) our content will be changed.

Video games

There’s no denying this area will see the biggest changes, especially as the entire perspective of gaming shifts to become far more immersive. We’ve already seen how different new games will look, but what’s going to happen to older experiences?

One enterprising developer has already started, creating what’s called ‘ZeldaVR: The Legend of Zelda’. This game uses the Oculus Rift to take a retro gaming experience and apply a fresh spin on it.

Of course, it remains to be seen how many older games will see this kind of refresh – especially from new companies.


This is an area that’s able to see several changes, all promising a new experience for film viewers. Firstly, there’s the obvious method of using a VR headset to display a much larger cinema screen for viewers, possibly even having it become a social experience with digital avatars of friends sitting next to you.

Older films would require no changes to be updated for a VR experience, but would if the perspective is altered.

A number of changes are certainly on the way for entertainment mediums over the next few years.

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