There’s no denying the appeal of virtual reality (VR), the technology able to bring virtual worlds to life with far more clarity and immersiveness than what’s ever been seen before.

Younger generations have caught on to the trend, funding the Kickstarter campaigns which have launched projects like the Oculus Rift, and eagerly anticipating the release of headsets like the Playstation Morpheus.

But what about the older generations, those who have usually struggled to understand the benefits of video game consoles and experiences beyond those found in traditional media forms?

VR faces a challenge for adoption here, but the new experiences offered could sway many.

A traditional problem

It’s not just VR which faces issues in consumer uptake, as video game consoles have always seen similar issues. Currently, the average age of a video gamer is 30 years old, according to a study by the Entertainment Software Association.

Of course, members of older generations do partake in gaming, but the majority of players are younger users.

This wouldn’t seem to be for a lack of mature content either, as many video games offer experiences with comparable themes, stories and tones to those found in films and books. One only need look at The Last of Us, a game released in 2013, to see a perfect example of a thematically mature video game.

Likewise, many racing or sports games are grounded in reality and simply offer virtual experiences of real-life activities.

A content-based solution

While older generations may simply dislike VR due to the act of putting on a headset, those put off by content could find new forms of media to be a significant selling point. For example, a film or documentary where the viewer is inside the world could serve to sell the benefits of a virtual reality headset to older generations.

Still, the technologies have not seen a widespread consumer release, so adoption will of course be hard to gauge. With the right content, VR could see a massive uptake among a variety of age groups.

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