Personal computing has revolutionised how we interact with technology while away from the home, accessing the internet and communicating wherever we are. In addition, similar advances in personal and work devices have meant we’re able to do more, faster, at any time of the day.

Technology hasn’t yet become integrated with the home however, as we’ve seen in science fiction films and television shows.

Now Microsoft, the tech giant that brought productivity software to the masses, wants to do the same with smart home technologies.

The future home

To see how technologies would be utilised within a future home, Microsoft has developed what’s called ‘The Microsoft Home’ a space designed to show people how we could be living in 10-15 years.

Located in the Executive Briefing Centre at Microsoft’s HQ in Redmond, Washington, the house looks quite simple, and familiar. This is the point, as Microsoft believes in a home that is visually similar, but functionally different.

Countertops display digital interfaces, whether in the kitchen to help users while cooking or sitting at the dinner table and playing a game. Voice control also allows users to access climate control and information throughout the home.

In the living room, a television screen enables users to virtually visit retail stores and browse, all from the comfort of the home. The bedrooms use projector technologies to change the ambiance of the room, allowing users to alter the colour and setting.

These advancements may seem highly futuristic, but they’re approaching faster than most people realise. While the home of the future may never see technology in every single room, it’s likely that augmented reality projectors and displays will be used to great effect over the next few years to provide useful information.

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