The Develop Awards are a fairly prestigious affair in the entertainment world, with numerous companies attending the ceremony in Brighton on July 9.

Game developers from around the UK and Europe visited the event, where everything from visual arts to to best use of a licence or IP was recognised. This year’s Develop 2014 event was the biggest in the history of the show, likely to accommodate the sheer number of new developers and products created over the past year.

Among the 175 companies in attendance, the Oculus Rift was awarded the Technical Innovation award for the Development Kit 2 (DK2), the final prototype before the release of the consumer Rift headset.

“Congratulations to all of the 2014 Develop Award winners! We’re humbled to be included in such an amazing group for Technical Innovation!,” a release from the Oculus Facebook page stated.

DK2 represents a further honing of the key technologies behind the headset, and a big step forward. In the newer device, developers will find a higher resolution screen, better build quality and even reduced latency. The combination here will make the gaming experience far more enjoyable.

A higher resolution screen means a more realistic world, as fewer pixels can be seen on the display. While it can seem unimportant, pixel density is crucial in a screen only centimetres away from your eyes.

Likewise, latency can also change how a game is played, as it means less delay between the controller or head movements and the response from the headset. In shooting or driving games, even a few milliseconds of latency can affect the experience.

There’s no doubt Oculus will go on to win many more awards over the next few years, especially considering a consumer version of the hyped headset hasn’t been released yet.

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