The number of VR (virtual reality) gaming headset devices on the market is growing at a rapid rate, as developers announce new hardware with a fresh spin on the mainstays of the industry.

These developments are to be expected however, as the world is undoubtedly on the cusp of a technological revolution through virtual reality.

True Player Gear, a firm based in Canada, announced their new release VR headset ‘Totem’ earlier this year, with slightly more ambitious hardware goals than that of the Oculus Rift.

Head Tracking

As part of the feature set, the company plans to include on board head tracking (as opposed to the external camera of the Rift) and support for a wider number of platforms.


In the initial release, Windows, Mac and Linux will be supported, along with the PlayStation 3 and 4. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One have also been announced, along with all 3D formats.

Custom Lenses

The differentiating factor of this headset is the inclusion of custom lenses, which can be adjusted on the fly. Other headsets on the market require users to wear their own glasses, whereas the True Player Gear lenses can be adjusted dynamically.

For those who wear glasses or contact lenses, being able to tune the device as required will be extremely usefuland possibly even a selling point. With the Rift (and likely other devices), three sets of lenses are included, along with an adjustable screen for users wearing glasses.


By converting surround sound to stereo, Totem makes it possible to distinguish exactly where sounds are coming from, whilst wearing the headset. This will allow players to truly immerse themselves in the game, knowing exactly which way to turn from the sounds of their surrounding landscape.

While the Rift is benefiting from the popularity of being the first real headset to kick start development, competitors are increasingly identifying weak points in the existing hardware and marketing their own technological advances. Totem is one of many VR headsets created by listening to user concerns and requests, to create some seriously innovative gaming technology.

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