Simulation and virtual reality (VR) technologies continue to grow in use around the world, seemingly becoming the next major development in the tech space. In turn, the support networks are expanding. Simulation is becoming a talking point for many.

In July, a Philly VR meetup is being held in the US, where developers from the area can meet to discuss the future of the technology, and attend talks held by industry professionals. The discussions are being held by Benjamin Lang and Daniel Hellermen.

Ben founded Road to VR, a website dedicated to exploring the possibilities of the technology.

“Virtual reality represents the holy grail of immersive entertainment, with the very real possibility of influencing industries far beyond it,” Mr Lang explained.

His thoughts would appear to echo those of other proponents in the wider VR industry, who believe the technology could change how we interact with virtual worlds.

Daniel is a creator virtual worlds, with a career stretching back to the development of Duke Nukem 3D, one of a series of cult classic games developed in the 1990s. He has since gone on to work on innumerable projects in the video game industry, including currently creating a title for the Oculus Rift.

His presenting will focus on sculpting virtual reality worlds, and the technologies required to create immersive VR experiences. Interestingly, he’s also planning to focus on the future of VR.

Other aspects of the meetup include two hours of networking among those in the industry and opportunities to try the technologies and give feedback to developers.

While conferences and meetups are still held on a small scale due to the size of the VR industry, rapid growth over the next few years will ensure larger conferences are eventually possible.

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