The future of virtual reality (VR) gaming may very well have been born right here in Australia, as a new company has recently announced the dream of many science fiction fans.

Zero Latency, a Melbourne-based firm, have created an experience similar to the Star Trek holodeck or the Grid in Tron. Players strap on a physical backpack, VR headset and motion controlled gun and step into a facility outfitted with sensors to track the location of the VR equipment located on the player.

This is where the experience differs from others like it – players are able to walk around a real environment, as the digital world is overlaid on a physical warehouse.

“The interface feels completely real. You can move how you want, play how you want. It’s the Zero Latency experience, and there is nothing else quite like it. We have been building, testing and playing and now we are ready to take it to the next level,” said a spokesperson from the company.

This technology could be where VR eventually heads, as the experiences created can be truly unique. With the technology developed by Zero Latency, it’s possible to physically walk through digitally created worlds.

It’s likely that with future advancements, players could achieve greater virtual interaction, opening doors and climbing over handrails. The possibilities for entertainment with such a technology are endless – with the real-world applications being even greater.

With wireless VR in a physical environment, NASA could train astronauts to deal with vertigo associated with space flight by using the headsets in underwater training tanks.

“Play with your friends or single handed. Pistols, shotguns, rifles, grenades. Arcade carnage or ultra realistic, you choose your reality,” the spokesperson explained.

The experience is expected to open later this year, and is currently undergoing a pledge campaign on Pozible.

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