Imagine a surgeon operating on a patient in a room made of Smart Glass, with each step of the procedure carefully mapped out using simulation technologies. These are only some of the possibilities that VR (virtual reality) could bring to the medical industry, eliminating human errors and increasing patient safety.

Visualising health issues without operating has always been a difficult task for doctors, especially when it comes to a mechanism as complex as the human body. Frequently, health issues are diagnosed incorrectly due to a lack of information, leading to further concerns later on.

One company that is using VR technology to transform the medical industry is Corning, a glass manufacturing company that are opening up the uses for Smart Glass in everyday life.

As seen in the ‘A Day made of Glass 2’ video, Corning show the possibilities of an operating theatre made entirely of Smart Glass. Among the display of technologies they hope to make possible, is the use of a glass wall as a remote video conferencing tool.

Theoretically, this would make it possible for surgeons all around the world to collaborate on difficult operating situations, offering expert assistance through a remote location.

Also shown in this video is the influence of VR for the future of CT body scans, allowing a doctor in a remote location to work on a projected form of the patient. Remote doctors could then upload the resulting images and projections into a virtual environment, allowing other specialist doctors to move around the body and closely study complications.

A complex operation can be intensely studied without the need for investigative procedures, and practised virtually until the procedure is able to be performed flawlessly.

This same technology could be used to conduct remote consultations, or consultations within the home. By recording patients remotely, a doctor could use VR to diagnose health issues, though current remote consultations are limited to 2D applications, making comprehensive assessments difficult.

In collaboration with other medical based companies, Corning has the ability to dramatically alter the medical industry, increasing patient safety and minimising procedural errors.

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