Developing new virtual reality (VR) experiences is set to be a key area of development for content creators over the next few years. In line with this, video game creator Valve are reportedly developing headset able to observe other players.

As virtual reality moves into the consumer space, the applications of the technology will certainly continue to evolve in turn. Companies will need to innovate to capture consumer interest, and guarantee their devices have a place on the market.

The Valve headset, according to an attendee of the Boston VR Bender, is able to be used as a spectating device. After users put the headset on, they’re able to see an entire game arena in front of them on a table top and watch a battle unfold – in this case an arena fantasy experience.

Another mode was reported to be a life-size VR experience, where users are able to come down to the level of characters, and watch fights occur in front them. This kind of experience is certainly beyond what’s currently being developed in the VR space and the wider gaming industry.

In the past, spectating modes in games were common place, and players could fly around the map independent of a character to survey the layout and strategies. As games became more competitive, this transitioned to a spectating mode which followed a specific player.

These kinds of new experience could be what pushes a particular platform forward over others, similar to how video game consoles in the past have exclusive release titles to drive sales. An Oculus Rift headset with a compelling experience could very well mean it becomes the preferred option over similar devices – for example Project Morpheus.

Both VR developers and the makers of content will need to plan exciting experiences for consumers.

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