IMMERSION 2014 is set to kick off in Los Angeles on June 6, running through until June 8. Hosted by Loyola Marymount University, the Smithsonian Institution and the Western USA Chapter of the Immersive Education Initiative, the conference provides a clear guide for the future of immersive education.

This conference is designed to address the personal and cultural impact of digital technologies across a number of areas. Wearable computing, virtual and augmented reality, mixed reality and even neural interfaces are discussed.

Other new development areas such as 3D printing, Bitcoin and personal robotics are also part of the conference topics.

Made up of various modules, the conference has different areas of focus. Arts and culture, entertainment and human-computer interaction are all individual modules. Film screenings and discussion panels also form a part of the event.

The entertainment component of conference is designed to explore how immersive technologies are rapidly changing, and what this means for how people experience films and television, as well as games and music. Virtual reality will form a key point of discussion, due to the growth of the technology.

A variety of guest speakers are also in attendance, including Kate Fico, a stereoscopic supervisor for Walt Disney Animation.

The importance of these types of conference cannot be overstated. As with any new field, expert panels and real industry conversations help to provide both validation of the technologies, and discussions about the future of the field.

Similar conferences are held frequently for discussions around a potential Earth-space elevator, where experts gather to discuss the state of the industry in terms of demand, material development progress and possible locations.

The conference is now entering its ninth year, and should continue to build in importance as the technologies discussed grow globally.

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