Crowdfunding campaigns have taken off in recent years, becoming a method for seemingly niche ideas to grow a customer base and receive funding. While the fundraising scheme has been home to a substantial number of failures, some truly great ideas continue to emerge.

The crowdfunding scene continues to change, so let’s explore a few of the newest campaigns to come out of the various websites.


Fuse is an app designed to work with your car to ensure comprehensive data is never out of reach. The two-part system works by attaching a small device to the car diagnostics outlet, which then syncs to a smart phone app.

Once on the application, data such as location, fuel level and tyre pressure. This data is then synched to a personal cloud where the information can be accessed from a variety of devices.

Neptune Pine

A unique device, the Neptune could well be the future of wearable and mobile devices. Whereas traditional smart watches keep all the heavy lifting relegated to a user smartphone, the Pine has all the functionality on board.

The Pine has a cellular radio, on board storage and two cameras, making it an extremely versatile device. Eventually, this kind of capability could become the standard for smartwatches.


Bringing innovations to tried and true product areas is no easy task, but that’s exactly what the creators of Modulo have managed to do. Designed to provide a portable battery source while on the go, the Module is able to stack up and provide more power.

The batteries can also smartly transfer power from a laptop to a smart phone, charging each device in turn.

Kickstarter continues to be a source of new ideas and fresh spins on dated product areas. This year will certainly see additional developments and exciting new technologies.

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