A new competitor to the current virtual reality giants has been announced – and it could end up becoming the new standard.

Called ANTVR, the device brings a number of innovations to the table, including a revolutionary new controller, improved onboard hardware and compatibility with a wide array of devices and platforms. In addition to this, the device is cheaper than its main competitor – the Oculus Rift.

The new headset was developed in China by a small team headed by Qin Zheng, who created the initial prototype and precursor technologies.

Mr Zheng said his inspiration for creating the headset came from science fiction stories and films he had previously created. As he progressed, he decided that actually creating the technologies was his true passion.

“To this end, I invented a lot of VR devices like holographic glasses and VR headsets. Then I created the first ANTVR KIT prototype all by myself last year,” Zheng told Tech In Asia.

The ANTVR unit brings a number of improvements to other competitors on the market, including aspherical lenses which don’t cause edge distortion like the Oculus Rift, and built-in position tracking made up of two 9-axis IMU sensors.

Competitor products like the Morpheus and Oculus use external cameras to handle positional tracking, requiring users to stay tethered to a single spot.

Perhaps the biggest advantage the ANTVR has is the ability to play any content from a staggering number of devices. From PlayStation to Xbox, or PC to Android – the ANTVR makes no distinction.

This addition alone could very well make it an appealing alternative to the Rift and Morpheus, which are essentially tied to single platforms.

An increasing number of virtual reality products is being announced, making the field one that could see a number of competitors over the next few years.

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