The experience of going to a cinema could well become secondary to putting on a virtual reality headset in the near future, if the technologies being created by startups are anything to go by. Introducing: cinematic VR.

Video technology startup Jaunt has been developing a revolutionary new camera for sometime, able to record 3D stereoscopic video in all directions. By capturing every angle, and viewing it through a VR headset, a new level of depth and immersion is achieved.

“Jaunt has created a completely new experience that will change the way we enjoy media,” said Chairman of IMAX, Brad Wechsler.

When viewing such content, a user can be as close to another location as possible. For the elderly, students, and those without the resources to travel – this could be the future. Being able to sit atop Mount Everest and look around can be achieved with this kind of video.

“The confluence of various tech trends have positioned us at a point where it may become possible to truly create the experience of being in another location,” said Creator of Google Glass, Babak Parviz.

According to Jaunt, the idea originated when one of the founders of the company returned from an amazing national park, and suggested the idea of returning through use of VR.

The technology works by using a specialised computational algorithm that transforms recorded video data using geometric calibration, colour adjustment and image processing. When compared with traditional recorded video, Jaunt recordings enable true image depth.

It remains to be seen whether this type of video would ever be suitable as a mainstream replacement for film, but the immersive nature may be what sways audiences. If given the chance to step into the environment of a film, the technology may take hold.

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