Surprised by the way that people are using technology to transform their health.

Name Simon Kalinowski
Occupation Executive
Age 34
City Brisbane
My favourite technology? Day One – it’s an app, a journaling platform app for the iPhone
My favourite learning experience? Learning about how I work
What really makes me mad? Intolerance
If I had a magic wand… Give people emotional intelligence
Who inspires me… People who are genuinely having a go and who are passionate about making a difference
Most surprising innovation… The way that people are using technology to transform their health
World I imagine… Where everyone is actually getting a chance to spend at least a portion of their day working on something that they’re truly passionate about
Least likely idea to succeed… The renewal of the business model that makes newspapers work – they’re gone…That tax will change Australia’s alcohol culture…Peace in the Middle East
What would I most like to ask an expert about simulation or virtual reality? How can a person make use of it on a daily level to transform the relationships they have around them?


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