Virtual reality is still very much in its infancy, seeing strong development behind the scenes but having limited public availability. Currently, the Oculus Rift presents the best option for consumers wanting to try the tech.

Of course, VR will eventually have more of a presence in the marketplace – the hype surrounding the technology is enough to drive initial sales. But how will VR become a standard technology, like televisions sets or tablets?

The answer could lie with Project Morpheus, the PlayStation headset being developed by entertainment and technology giant Sony.

Project Morpheus is an impressive piece of hardware, similar in specification to the Oculus Rift but boasting 3D audio and seamless integration with other PlayStation devices such as the Move and PS4.

It’s this integration which could mean the headset sees strong sales and market integration. Almost no other competing products have the content and hardware development base of Sony, and this puts the company in the perfect position to lead the VR charge.

With a headset released from a company with full support for game and even film development, market adoption could be high – depending on price and availability.

It’s worth noting that the main competitor, the Oculus Rift, has strong support from the independent game community, and the ability to have content created by a individuals. With the release of a headset from a major technology developer, the chances of custom content are slim.

Still, if VR is to ultimately succeed as the platform of the future for content consumption, efforts now will have to focus on delivering products that can be considered viable replacements for other forms of entertainment.

It could still be sometime before people begin swapping out televisions for virtual reality headsets.


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