Epson, more famously known for printer technologies than new technological platforms, is now putting further weight behind smart glasses augmented reality development with the Moverio BT-200.

Following the first-generation Moverio hardware, the BT-200 brings a number of improvements over both its predecessor and the more popular (or at least well known) Google Glass headset. Epson say that with the new glasses, truly innovative applications can be developed.

The Moverio could certainly catch on, thanks to a built in insert for prescription lenses, and motion sensors for head movement. In addition, the glasses come are 60 per cent lighter than the first generation.

Augmented reality developments are continually advancing as developers familiarise themselves with the common issues of the platform, and customer desires. In addition, the underlying computer technologies are continuing to advance – meaning smaller AR glasses are becoming a reality.

A significant barrier to market adoption at this stage is the cumbersome nature of AR glasses. As processing, batteries and cellular connections are required, everything needs to be placed within the frame. This can result in bulky glasses that draw attention to the user – something that needs to be overcome with the next generation of AR technologies.

The Moverio mitigates this issue to some extent, using a control unit that’s independent from the glasses. With the unit, storage, batter and motion sensing are integrated, along with the battery and processing. The user can subsequently control the glasses through the unit, without being required to manipulate the glasses themselves.

It’s unlikely the Moverio will move the AR market forward substantially, or increase adoption of the technologies, but it’s an important step forward for a growing industry. Certainly, devices like the Moverio that attempt new ways of making glasses lighter will be the way forward for the technologies.

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