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In the world we live in today, technology assisting us to communicate quickly and effectively is integral to our everyday lives. Simulation plays a large role to ensure that we can both communicate with others through technology and also access  information we need to complete tasks throughout the day. These everyday simulations not only make our lives easier, but also pave the way for even more advanced communication methods in the future.


Custom Google Earth maps – Zombie Apocalypse app:

If there ever was a Zombie Apocalypse – Google have got you covered.  By using Google Maps software, the app simulates a Zombie attack and allows you to find resources that would be useful in such circumstances. Resources shown include hospitals, airports and grocery stores. Although I hope the software never has to be used in a real life circumstance, I find comfort in knowing that Google have a plan, just in case all of those Zombie movies do come true.

Google Street View:

Most of us use it to check out the view of our houses, but Google Street View is more than just a handy house viewer – it is a simulation of the urban world as we know it. To think that the geniuses at Google have managed to capture 48 countries (and counting) of the developed world and bundled it in free software for the rest of us to enjoy – it’s a great simulation feat that is definitely pleasing my inner nosiness.

Identikit face recognition software:

Identikit facial recognition software allows users to create a simulated image of a particular person. This technology has proven to be useful in law enforcement situations, assisting authorities to correctly identify the face of a suspected killer.

Town planning visualization:

Using CAD type technology, visualizations of proposed urban developments is a form of simulation that allows town planners to accurately conceptualize the potential environment they plan to create. This can assist with traffic flow, optimal building positioning and lifestyle factors that can affect future residents.

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