A network of over a billion people connected through virtual reality could soon become a reality, following a recent announced from Oculus Rift.

The CEO of Oculus Rift, Brendan Iribe, desires a virtual reality massively multi user online (MMO) network on a massive scale, where users can interact across a number of virtual worlds. If the idea ever becomes a reality, interaction would be possible on a scale never seen previously.

“This is going to be an MMO where we want to put a billion people in virtual reality, and a billion-person virtual-world MMO is going to require a bigger network than exists today,” Brendan Iribe said Monday at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York.

“Why not start with Facebook and their infrastructure and their team and talent that they’ve built up?”

Oculus Rift made headlines earlier this year when it was acquired by social media giant Facebook. The buyout was seen as strange, considering the different industries. Now, with the comments from Oculus, the decision makes sense.

Facebook currently has over 1.2 billion users, and one billion mobile users. The network would seem to be the perfect place for a massive virtual reality network to begin.

Any implementation of a network on this scale would likely require a massive infrastructure investment, thanks to the data and storage requirements. In addition, accessing a website is far easier than a virtual reality headset, though this is likely to change with mass adoption of the technology.

Iribe’s vision would seem to extend beyond current internet communication to something never achieved previously. What video conferencing and social gaming platforms have attempted, Oculus could very well achieve.

“If you let go, you can have a real conversation with a person. That’s the holy grail we’re trying to get to,” said Iribe.

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