A construction game is being used by the public to design elements of a future Australian smart city in Queensland

Maroochydore, on the Sunshine Coast, is soon to become a smart city enhanced by the public’s use of innovative new gaming technologies.

The Maroochy Shire Council has worked with The-Core, a digital initiative designed to “create opportunity using technologies”. Before smart city developments of Maroochydore can go ahead, the council is seeking input from the community.

By using the game Minecraft, a digital construction sandbox developed over the past few years by Swedish company Mojang, it’s hoped community input for the development of the city can come from people digitally building aspects of the city themselves.

The alliance has resulted in the establishment of an online server in which people can sign on and collaboratively construct buildings and aspects of a smart city, as part of a competition running until May 31. Winners receive prizes based on the best creation, and a chance for their idea to be represented during actual city developments.

Using new technologies and gaming platforms is a great way for governments and businesses to engage with the public, especially younger generations.

“The-Core’s purpose is to create opportunity using technologies and creative imagination, using identified social hot trends making the news. Then utilising these trends to create innovative ideas for a better city today, and tapping into our youth’s imaginations for an even better tomorrow,” Craig Josic, co-founder of The-Core.

Further projects, similar to The-Core, are likely to be developed over the next few years as a way to engage with the public. It’s possible that input for the designs of roads, buildings and bridges can come from use of gaming technologies and other interactive systems.

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