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The hunt for information to plan or track proposed tasks is becoming an increasing priority in today’s fast paced technological environment. We don’t want to exercise without knowing exactly how it will benefit us and we don’t want to plan a day out if the weather won’t be appropriate – so how do we forecast what’s going to happen? These everyday simulations are the answer.

Weather radar:

The life saver of weddings, beach trips and campers alike – weather radars allow us to dictate our lives upon simulations of weather patterns. We leave it up to the professionals to do the predicting, but the truth is that these weather analysts are simulating weather models, allowing us to check our iPhones daily for the predicted amount of rain, hail or shine.

‘If they were alive today’ modelling:

We aren’t quite sure if it’s seriously creepy or seriously cool, but facial modelling software used to create ‘if they were alive today’  images is a definite use of simulation. Using the characteristics of past photos, this software simulates an image of what the deceased would look like if they were still around today.

Exercise tracking applications: 

Thanks to simulation, you can learn the benefits of your proposed exercise regime before taking that first step. Using exercise tracking applications, your running route of choice can be planned to burn a certain amount of calories, target certain areas of the body and so much more. 

TomTom GPS sport watch:

Essentially, these watches are a glance at your exact location and exercise achievements on an on-the-go basis. This wrist-sized technology simulates the exercise being completed at a real-time rate, allowing users to get stats on their fitness immediately.

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