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Games – we all have our favourites that we whip out in a blackout or that we play religiously online, but how much of what we play is simulated reality? The answer is a lot actually, even  classic board games that we know and love simulate scenes that are different from reality. Without these everyday simulations, we would have to use our own money to buy the actual Oxford Street – imagine that!

Monopoly board game:

Using money that is of a fake currency, buying properties that are simulated from reality and placed on a board, and of course – who could forget the dreaded jail. Monopoly is a simulation that has created many a family feud, meshing together existing prime real estate via game play on a physical playing board.

Ring Around the Rosie:

Who knew that a children’s nursery rhyme could be simulating something as sinister as the plague? Originally evolving from  the happenings of the plague, this eerie nursery rhyme simulates people dying from the disease. This is seen when the lyrics ‘we all fall down’ are sung, and all the children ‘fall’ to the ground. An ominous reminder of history’s events that has made it’s way to the present day through a children’s rhyme.

Snakes and Ladders board game:

Imagine playing snakes and ladders in real life – gamers would literally have to wrangle snakes and scoot up ladders just to make it to the final 100 spot. I for one am very thankful that this game is a simulation and not a real life scenario, I much prefer the board game, child friendly version.

The Sims video game:

Now this one almost speaks for itself – a virtual world where you can create your own character to live their life in your chosen profession, it’s a simulation for sure. With growing popularity and a multitude of platforms to operate on, The Sims is one of the most well known virtual reality games that promotes simulation on a gaming level.


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