Imagine being able to sculpt 3D models with your hands, and send these items with a simple flick to a nearby 3D printer – thereby transitioning the virtual into the physical with simple gestures.

That’s exactly what the MetaPro glasses aim to do – and more. With development currently racing toward a September release date, the device aims to revolutionise augmented reality and push the bounds of what’s possible with wearable computing.

Being developed by a company called Meta in the United States, progress has continually been made over the past year in both the appearance and form factor. Arguably one of the biggest inhibitors to AR adoption, appearance needs to become a priority for developers.

Meta aims to change that.

The setup is quite simple, but the underlying technology truly impressive. With a super-powerful pocket sized computer linking to the aviator glasses, all that’s required from the user is simply turning the devices on. Once powered on, users see the world enhanced by a holographic interface capable of a staggering number of augmented reality applications.

Users can bring up a digital laptop, placing it virtually around the room using as many screens as desired. Using two high-powered lenses, the glasses can also display over 500 applications – including a virtual cellphone that can be resized and kept in the corner of a users vision.

All of this is display on screens fifteen times the size of main competitor Google Glass. Following the release, the technology could see high adoption thanks to the range of applications.

The MetaPro glasses are evidence of the continual advancements being made in the augmented reality field, and serve as a strong sign of what’s to come.

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