LEGO ‘Digital Box’ to add another dimension to shopping

We all know the feeling of standing in a shop, box in hand, wondering ‘what does this actually look like?’. This could soon become a thing of the past as LEGO looks to showcase products in 3D on top of the packaging – without even opening the box.

“Together with the LEGO Group, we have developed one of the most successful augmented reality systems worldwide,” a spokesperson from Metaio said.

Metaio is a partner in the augmented reality project, developing the underlying technologies used to display the digital models.

Using augmented reality technologies, kiosks in retail stores would have a camera built into the wall with a screen. By simply presenting the LEGO box to the camera, a digital reconstruction of what’s inside the box is assembled in front of viewers on the screen.

The applications of the technology are widespread, with massive potential for other products. In place of having to find display models, augmented reality can simply show a digital representation. Similar technology could see uses within store fronts, constantly cycling through digital products.

Over time, this AR trend is likely to gain significant traction among shoppers and businesses.

“The DIGITAL BOX helps consumers get a better impression of our products and generates excitement,” the spokesperson said.

Potentially, the technology will be taken a step further when consumers begin using individual devices such as Google Glass. By doing so, a larger of number of products could use the technology as no kiosks would be required.

There’s certainly no denying the appeal of being able to see a product before purchase – especially for expensive items. In the shopping space, augmented reality may even be used to display additional product information not found on the package, or simply highlight expiry dates and key ingredients.

Augmented reality will likely see widespread adoption in retail over the next few years.

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