Thanks to a climbing global population, our world is currently in the midst of significant environmental changes. This increase in human numbers requires more power and more resources, beyond sustainable capacity.

Pushing for environmental awareness and sustainability is one of the most difficult tasks faced by modern society, and as such it’s important that a culture of awareness and education is raised.

There is a solution, however, as new technologies can play a role in future environmental developments. Over the next decade, tech will play a larger role in fostering both education and understanding.

Simulation technologies and raising awareness

Use of simulation technologies to convey ideas is not new, and has been around for decades. In modern exhibitions and museums, sound and video are often used to showcase various concepts – including environmental damage.

Recreating a rainforest in a small self-contained biome can give people the chance to experience the environment of a another country simply by stepping through a door.

In a similar way, VR may provide a similar experience for a larger audience.

Could VR bring environmental concepts on a smaller scale?

Virtual reality technologies may very well play part in fixing environmental issues, especially due to the cost of VR headsets. Obtaining one for the home – or several for a classroom – is a real possibility, and can present concepts in a far more immersive way than a video.

By allowing people to experience the damage directly in front of their eyes, a level of engagement can be achieved that may prove to be a catalyst for change.

The chances are, VR and simulation technologies could prove to be a key motivator in environmental efforts over the next decade, taking the place of traditional video.

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