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Physical rehearsing is simulation, and will become more commonplace in an efficient future. Of course, this is more applicable in some situations more than others, but I bet you are simulating certain scenarios without even knowing you are doing so. Rehearsing life threatening situations through these everyday simulations is incredibly beneficial to emergency response teams, but just as useful for wedding planning and bridezilla’s alike.


Fire drills and safety evacuation plans:

Simulation benefits emergency response teams in ways that were previously impossible. The most simple form of this are fire drills and safety evacuation plans. Fire drills assist the public in an emergency situation, rehearsing the series of events that should unfold to managae a dangerous fire situation in a safe manner. Similarly, safety evacuation plans prepare largely populated environments on the safest route out of the building or into a safe space through simulations of the quickest evacuation route.

Trial run: Wedding rehearsal dinner:

On the big day, you want everything to run perfectly and the only way to achieve this is to rehearse the vents prior to the big day. This includes the trial run of a wedding rehearsal dinner the night before the actual wedding, simulating the events of the wedding itself. Trial runs are a simple form of simulation that prepare bridal party attendees to combat bridezilla outbreaks on her special day.

Resuscitation mannequin:

Another simulation that assists emergency services are resuscitation mannequins, used to practice CPR techniques for first aids courses. These mannequins physically simulate humans, to allow First Aid to be taught to the masses cost effectively and significantly less awkwardly than real life. Simulation really can save lives – a hero of sorts.

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