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Gone are the days of flipping through a 600 page Refidex to navigate your way to a destination, now we can click a button on our in-car GPS system, on our mobile phone or even a GPS powered wrist watch. These everyday simulations are leading the way (quite literally) in the field of navigation, allowing users to map their journey before embarking and gauge how long the journey will take, the traffic they may come up against and even warn of speed cameras ahead. This sort of simulation technology is moving travelers forward in a literal sense, allowing even public transport to become an efficient means of transportation. 

Garmin GPS tracking watch:

Appealing to runners, cyclers and even golfers, Garmin have created a wrist-sized GPS tracker that not only assists  navigation throughout a given exercise regime, but also exports stats on exactly how well the athlete is doing. Whether you are a professional athlete or a budding amateur, this form of simulation is particularly useful for goal setting and performance tracking. Encompassing GPS navigation, heart rate monitoring and a whole bunch of other complicated technologies into a single watch, now that is an impressive feat of lifestyle altering simulation. 

iPhone maps:

We all use them to get out of sticky situations (or sometimes into even stickier ones) but how are those ever so powerful iPhone maps a simulation? The answer is simple really, the screen displays a simulation of the roads, pathways and bridges in the real world. and neatly fits them onto a palm sized, touch screen. From there, we can warp, twist and change the map view to appeal to our current situation, all while listening to a strangely accented robot telling us where to go.

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