With virtual reality (VR) seemingly the next step in our push toward total digital immersion, it’s natural to look even further ahead to what lies beyond.

How much more immersive can VR become?

The answer would appear to be the Virtuix Omni, a device designed to complement the immersion supplied by the Oculus Rift or a similar headset. Whereas VR provides the visual stimulation, the Virtuix Omni is designed to allow the body a full movement experience.

“The Omni will free gamers from passive, seated game play, unleashing the full potential of virtual reality gaming with the Oculus Rift and future head mounted displays,” a spokesperson from the company said.

It’s certainly possible the technology will grow in popularity, especially thanks to the added experience of walking through a virtual world.

“Engaging in an active, full virtual reality experience has the power to transform not only the entertainment industry, but also how consumers engage and interact with the world,” the spokesperson said.

When users put both the VR headset on and step onto the Omni, they’re able to walk naturally – and even jump – in digital environments. Further revisions of the technology plan to incorporate enhanced movement options, allowing for a greater range of uses.

While VR is definitely seeing a strong public interest, taking the technology further might not catch on – especially given the added costs and involved and space requirements. One of the key benefits VR provides is transporting users to different environments, all while sitting in their living room.

It could be sometime before it can be determined whether the technology will see widespread uptake, especially as VR is still in its infancy. Further extensions of the tech are certain to come, however, adding to the already immersive experience found with VR.

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