Explore 3D through the ages from the years spanning between 1800 – 2010 by clicking on the pictures above. These advances in the world of 3D range from the simplistic – the first form of typical blue and red coloured glasses, all the way to the latest technological feats such as 3D televisions.

Find out more about the advances of 3D through the ages.

1800 – 1900

  • Invention of the Stereoscope
  • First Stereographic Photograph
  • Lenticular Stereoscope Invented

1900 – 1960

  • Printed Anaglyphs
  • 1st Anaglyph Movie + 1st Teleview (Shutter glasses) movie
  • View Master Invented

1960 – 2010

  • Autostereograms Invented
  • First 3D IMAX Movies
  • First Commercial 3D TVs



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