3D Through the Ages


Printed Anaglyphs

Aka 3D photographs, consist of red and cyan filtered colored images, one for each eye, and you’re going to need special glasses to view it correctly.

3D Through the Ages can be found in the May Edition of Simpublica Magazine.


1st Anaglyph Movie + 1st Teleview (Shutter glasses) movie

When viewed through the “anaglyph glasses”, (think white cardboard frames with one red and one cyan lenses, red for the left side), each of the two images reaches one eye.

The brain fuses this perception as a 3D image.


View-Master Invented

View-Master is the trademark name in which reels of thin disk made of cardboard contain 7 small stereoscopic photographs.

These are predominately a kids toy, however they have been used for viewing tourist/travel attractions and movie reels for all ages.

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