Everyone has been in an intense game of Monopoly, when a friend is only tiles away from securing an important property and you're stuck halfway around the board. In this instance, you choose to bring out an old house rule.

Monopoly, the world-renowned board game from developer Hasbro, is set to release an updated version later this year following an inventive new strategy. To involve the community in the creation process of a new Monopoly variant, Hasbro is running a Facebook campaign for what it calls the House Rules Edition.

"The Monopoly brand has been has been a pop culture phenomenon for nearly 80 years and 'House Rules' have become an important part of the story of the brand," said Jonathan Berkowitz, vice president of marketing at Hasbro.

"We wanted to give them [players] the chance to help us identify the most popular 'House Rules' from around the world to incorporate into the game."

This variant of the game will involve common rules invented by players in the past, subsequently becoming sanctioned as official rules. To decide which rules will make the cut, the Facebook campaign currently underway is asking fans to vote and discuss the most popular ideas.

Some ideas have received a favourable reception, such as having to complete a full board trip before buying properties. Others – such as relaxing the rules of building houses – have garnered negative feedback.

Once the campaign ends, the ten most popular rules will be included in a new version of the game to be shipped towards the end of 2014.

The commitment from Hasbro is certainly impressive, as developing consistently new ideas for a 79-year-old game can't be easy. With over 275 million games being sold – and potentially many more to come – it'll be interesting to see what other ideas the company comes up with in the near future.

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