Virtual reality (VR) is the next big step for the entertainment industry, and is quickly gaining traction around the world. This year is likely to cement the trend with a host of new experiences.

Though recently bought out by Facebook, the gaming focus of the Oculus Rift has not shifted, according to the developers. Over the next year, a range of exciting new experiences are on the way, set to change how people experience and interact with games.

Have a look at the latest games that are causing many to hail VR as the way of the future.

EVE: Valkyrie

Created by Icelandic developer CCP Games, this simulation will have players hurtling through the vast expanse of space in a starship, weaving amongst asteroids and fighting enemies with friends. Special effort has been placed into tracking head movements, so players can turn to look out windows at passing objects.

The game was originally constructed as a test of VR capabilities, but is now set to fulfil the dreams of many who have dreamed of flying a spacecraft.

The Forest

On a slightly smaller development scale is The Forest, coming from a four-person studio in Vancouver, Canada. An entirely different project to EVE: Valkyrie, the game will task players with surviving in a forest environment following a plane crash.

Using VR to explore the immersive world, players will be able to construct houses and harvest food, all the while surviving horrific creatures that come out of caves at night.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Released as a PC game several years ago, this simulator is an ultra-realistic representation of life in the cab of a truck. Players will be able to haul cargo around Europe, poking their heads out the window when reversing and looking around the truck while driving.

These games will be fantastic for spreading the word about the capabilities of VR and also as tools to show the capabilities of the platform. It's likely that as VR games continue to develop, other applications will begin to be seen.

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