Mars simulation to recreate the Red Planet on Earth

A group of visionary scientists has announced the launch of an Earth-based simulation that will replicate a potential future human outpost on Mars.

Mars One is a not-for-profit foundation formed with the intention of one day establishing a human settlement on the Red Planet. In April 2013, the organisation began searching for astronauts that will make up this colony.

The simulated outpost will be used to train these astronauts and to ensure they are prepared for the alien conditions of Mars. In the future, it is hoped that the simulation will be fitted with a life support system similar to that which will be used in space.

“We are very eager to get started constructing actual hardware for our mission that is important for training future Mars One crews and preparing them for their life on Mars. We are going from theory to practice,” said Mars One co-founder Bas Lansdorp in a statement.

According to new Mars One team member Kristian von Bengtson, who will lead the project, getting started on this simulation is an exciting prospect.

“I think a lot of people are looking forward to opening the hatches of the outpost modules and taking the next step in the mission. I know I am,” said Mr Bengtson.

Humans have long dreamed about sending a person to Mars, which is one of the most visible planets from Earth. In 2013, NASA’s Curiosity rover discovered that about 2 per cent of the soil on Mars was water, suggesting that life once existed on the planet, and may again in the future.

However, the idea of a full-blown colony on Mars has long been the realm of science fiction, rather than reality.

Simulation projects like those being organised by Mars One are not only a great tool for training and preparing future Mars colonists, they may also prove valuable in convincing the public of the legitimacy of this prospect.

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