It has now been nearly two weeks since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and investigators are still puzzling over what happened to the missing Boeing 777 airliner. 

Much recent discussion has centred around the personal flight simulator owned by Flight 370 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, which some believe may hold the secret to solving this mystery. 

The Malaysian Ministry of Transport has confirmed that police are currently investigating the simulator. According to CNN, a copy of the simulator's hard drive has been handed over to an FBI forensics lab in Quantico, Virginia, where experts are trying to access data that has been previously deleted. 

Of course, the fact that Captain Shah owned a simulator is not necessarily suspicious, as many pilots use these devices to hone their skills.

Likewise, CNN aviation analyst and former inspector general for the US Department of Transportation Mary Schiavo says that it is not unusual for a pilot to have a number of runways or seemingly odd locations on their simulators. 

"You put in strange airports and try to land there, just to see if you can do it," said Ms Schiavo, in an article published March 19. 

In fact, flight simulation technology has played a significant role in preventing a number of potential aviation disasters over the years. 

Pilots and flight crew rely heavily on flight simulators during training, where highly accurate and complex replica cockpits provide them with the opportunity to test their understanding of aviation technology and emergency situations. 

Modern flight simulators are so technologically advanced that pilots are often able to take "revenue passengers" on board during their first landing of a particularly type of airliner, according to 

If the incident that resulted in MH370's disappearance was a technical fault, it's possible that Captain Shah's enthusiasm and years of experience with flight simulation equipped him with better skills than most to handle the situation.

However, only time will tell what truly happened on board the now world-famous missing Boeing 777.

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