A new virtual trading simulation laboratory has just been opened on the small island nation of Mauritius, showcasing the fact that simulation technology truly knows no borders.

The laboratory – located at the University of Technology, Mauritius – has been launched by Bourse Africa, with the intention of developing the country’s financial talent and burgeoning financial market.

Business World Ghana reports that the lab will allow participants to get a first-hand look at how actual stock markets work, and will also encourage a greater understanding of how technology impacts market access.

“The lab will allow students to get a real-time experience of the markets and gain the ability to understand the role of trading, investing and risk management,” explained Bourse Africa Managing Director and CEO Rinsy Ansalam.

“Mauritius is geared towards becoming the Investment Banking hub for Africa and we need to foster capable leaders in the financial market domain to take the growth story forward. With the trading simulation laboratory, we reiterate our commitment towards the development of financial market talent in Mauritius and Africa.”

Located in the Indian Ocean about 2,400 kilometres outside the southeast coast of Africa, Mauritius is better known for its pristine beaches and tropical island climate than its experiments with simulation or virtual realities.

However, the fact that this country of less than 1.3 million people is utilising simulated environments to encourage better learning outcomes clearly highlights the many possibilities and utilisations of simulation technology.

According to University of Technology, Mauritius Ag. Director General Dr. Hemant B. Chittoo, the lab will enhance the competitiveness of the university’s students by ensuring they develop a “practical understanding of trading” and global financial markets.

“As a university committed towards providing students with an innovation-driven learning environment that matches global standards, we are glad to have Bourse Africa for setting up this state of the art laboratory,” said Mr Chittoo.

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