Velcro, that was a good idea, whoever thought of that was smart.

Name Clive Bennett
Occupation Dentist
Age Late 30’s… and then some
City Brisbane
My favourite technology? Torn between something that quietens children and coffee Machines
My favourite learning experience? Audio books
What really makes me mad? Red tape
If I had a magic wand… Does it fire lightening; can I use it like an eclectic duct wand? Um…you can’t change people…There is nothing that I would change.The magic wand is problematic at best, because if you use it to change people, then you’re using it to change people and that’s unfortunate
Who inspires me… People from a generation a couple prior to mine, they had a lot more hardship, and they still had the class and endurance to move on.
Most surprising innovation… Velcro, that was a good idea, whoever thought of that was smart
World I imagine… Where people want to improve themselves instead of gaining more materials, being more materialistic focused, so I would have to say the altruistic goal is to actually help others so they can help themselves to improve. Not money oriented
Least likely idea to succeed… What I just said
What would I most like to ask an expert about simulation or virtual reality? If we could teach people to be good humans that would be fabulous. I’m not sure what the program for that is, but if you could teach them to have grace and charm, and like we said, to help others, that would be the best thing.


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