Twice now, disruptive entrepreneur Andy Boud has delivered lower-priced visual display systems by replacing traditional hardware functions with software.

Tucked away in an industrial estate in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, the Immersaview office is dark, but for the glow of an immense wall projection. An adjacent 180-degree semicircular screen hosts a car-racing video game. Virtual reality display experts, doctors Andy Boud and Alex Streit quietly aim for the big time in screen technology — and they have built some enviable toys. Dr Boud is an imposing figure at 6’ 5”, but softly spoken; his intense, direct gaze bespeaks his vision: to see the world on a screen.

In the past, simulations and games were built for the screen — we believe they should be portable from screen to screen, and the only way to do that is to shift the roles traditionally played by hardware into software.

 Words: Deanna Hutchinson – Photos: Nicolette Johnson

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