Did they just wake up and go ‘hmm, virtual reality’?

Name Lauren
Occupation HR Officer and Fulltime student
Age 24
City Brisbane
My favourite technology? iPhone
My favourite learning experience? Dirt biking
What really makes me mad? There are lots of things – I’m a hot head very quickly
If I had a magic wand… This is going to sound cliché, but I grew up in South Africa so I was exposed to poverty and little kids so I would do something with orphanages and things like that.
Who inspires me… Another cliché one, but my mum
Most surprising innovation… There is so much innovative technology stuff going on, it’s really hard to pick one to be completely honest.
World I imagine… One that is going technically faster than this one at the moment.
Least likely idea to succeed… That no matter the advancement in technology or where we go no one will ever be equal
What would I most like to ask an expert about simulation or virtual reality? Who thought it up? Who went to the effort to investigate it and go forth? What did they just wake up and go ‘hmm, virtual reality?’


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